Appeal call for the Interntional Women’s day

زن های انقلاب

:Gozareshgaran Appeal call

On the occasion of the International Women’s Day, with all of our strength, we will support the 3-day rally of the campaign to fight violence against women

Concurrent with the 40th Anniversary of “Five-Day Women’s uprising on March 8, 1979, against Compulsory hijab in Iran, Join the Women’s Campaign rally and protest in three countries Germany (Hamburg), Netherland (Den hag) and Belgium (Brussels) on 6th, 7th and 8th March 2019.

Iranian Women with 40 years of struggle and resistance against forced veil have shown in a real way that they are determined to stand at the forefront of the struggle against anti-woman Islamic Republic regime of Iran.

On the headstock[U1]  of objective conditions and emotional [U2] and the recent uprising of the workers, toilers and other deprived classes against poverty, high prices, corruption, injustice, prostitution, grave or street sleeping, prostitution, drug addiction, unemployment, no future, gender oppression, national oppression and class oppression …, women posed a major challenge to one of the main political-ideological pillars of the Islamic Republic by removing their forced headscarves. Women have consciously challenged one of the structural principles of the Islamic Republic nervous system, and have turned the forty years long resistance against compulsory hijab into a public protest.

The Islamic Republic of Iran carried out its first attack on women by forcing hijab on them three weeks after coming to power, in order to control and intimidate the society. The Islamic fundamentalist’s rampage on women was not accidental. Compulsory hijab is the ideological flag and a tool of state control over women’s body, will and fate; and it was after imposing hijab that all other unequal laws and Islamic punishments against women were approved. But women were the first force who heard the sound of Islamic fundamentalist coming to power. Tens of thousands of revolutionary, militant and freedom seeking women came into the streets on March 8, 1979, the International Women’s Day, protesting for several days in opposition to the compulsory Hijab order, and made a persistence struggle in the history of women’s struggles against compulsory hijab, against the onslaught of the state on Society and women’s bodies and freedom, and practically against the emergence of a new religious tyranny. By doing so, they laid the foundations of a new women’s movement. Since then, women; individually or collectively, consciously or spontaneously, with ebbs and flows, have been resisting the regime’s war on women. Women have resisted and struggled not only against compulsory hijab, but also in other aspects of women’s oppression such as right to divorce and custody, right to education and work, right to choose in marriage, right to choose a same-sex partner and … .

In the current sensitive situation, by strengthening the rank and file of the Campaign to fight state, social and domestic violence against women in Iran by organizing a three day rally and participating in it could help to widen the voices of radical women, in conjunction with other social movements in Iran, in order to help the revolutionary overthrowing of the Islamic fundamentalism regime. We are appealing to all political, social activists, Medias, parties and organizations for women’s rights to sign our petition and defend our campaign in the upcoming three day rally and protest.



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The names of the supporters

Akhgar Farzaneh – Activist of Women’s Movement

Ameneh Kakeh Baveh – Women’s Rights and the Left Party Representative in the Swedish Parliament

Ayda Paydar – Artist and Activist of the Women’s Organization March 8th

Akbar Deylami – factory worker

Ayandeh Azad – Women’s rights activist

Ardeshir Nasrolah Beygi – Labor activist and left and communist

Ayda Sajed – Activist of Women’s Movement

Amador Navidi –  Political and media activists

Amin Bayat – Political activists

Arash Kamangar – Political and media activists

Ardavan zibrem – Political activist and former political prisoner

Anvar Mirsatari – human rights activist

Amin Moradi – Political activists

Azadeh Drah – Political activists

Ahmad Pouri – Refugee Organization Prime Ardalan Moghadam Ghadimi Ali Pichgah –  Labor activist Ali Mobaraki – Labor activist Ali Azad – Political activists Ali Damavandi – Political and media activists Ali Shariati –  women rights activist Bagher Ebrahimzadeh – Political activist and former political prisoner Bahram Rahmani – Writer and political analyst Behrouz Farahani – Labor activist Behnam Changai -Political activist Bahman Yousefi – political activist Bahram Soltani – human rights activist Behrouz Sooren – Political activist and former political prisoner Darya Salimi – Social advisor Davoud Ahmadloo –  political activist Ehsan Sabet – Active labor union Esmail Moloudi –  Political activist and former political prisoner Ebrahim Pouyan – Political activist Fariba Amirkhizi –  Activist of Women’s Movement Fatemeh Haghpanah – Activist of Women’s Movement Farimah Roshan – Activist of Women’s Movement Farideh Bazyafti – Activist of Women’s Movement Fatemeh Rezai – human rights activist Farideh Rezai – Activist of Women’s Movement Farida Faraz – Activist of the Women’s Organization March 8 Iran – Afghanistan and Campaign activist Forough Sadeghpour – Teacher Farhad Zand – Activists of the Campaign for a World Without Borders (Afghanistan-Iran) Gita Rezai Zenilani – Activist of Women’s Movement Gholam Asgari Bakhtiari – Labor activist Hajar Jahedi Fard – Political refugee Hasan Hesam – Poet and Political analyst Hasan Najeb Hashem – human rights activist H. Riahi – Political activist and former political prisoner Hossein Naghpour – Political and media activists Hossein Moghadam – Defender of Radical Worker Movement Habib Moghanian –  Political refugee Hamid Mohases – Political activist Jaleh Sahand – Political activist Jafar Hosseinzadeh – political activist Kimia Moradi – Activist of Women’s Movement Kaveh Dadgari – Political activist and former political prisoner Kambiz Gilani – Poet K. Alvand –  political activist Kamran Amiri – Activist, Fight for World without Borders (Afghanistan-Iran) Khosour Ahmadi –  Activist, Fight for World without Borders (Afghanistan-Iran) Leyla Parnian – Activist of Women’s Movement Maryam Naji – Activist of Women’s Movement Maliheh Tireh gol – Writer Mehrnoush Moazemi – Activist of Women’s Movement Mohamad Mohebi – former political prisoner Mona Khojasteh –  Activist of Women’s Movement Mahsa Rojan – Activist of Women’s Movement Masoud Forouzesh Rad – Political activist and former political prisoner Mohsen Rezvani – Political activist Mehrdad Ahangar – Political activist Mohamad Reza Hadipour – Political refugee and asylum-seeker Mohamad Reza Gholami – Political refugee Manouchehr Taghavi Bayat –  Political analyst Majid Falah – Political refugee Marjan Eftekhari – Political activist Mohamad Nabavi –  Political activist Mostafa Rahmani – Activist, Fight for World without Borders (Afghanistan-Iran) Mehdi Parastoui – Activist, Fight for World without Borders (Afghanistan-Iran) Najibeh Mahmoud – Reporter and women’s rights activis Nasrin Ahmadi – Active Union of  Nurses Neda Roshan – Activist of Women’s Movement Natasha F. – Activist of Women’s Movement Nader Sani – Political analyst Narges Jalali – Refugees Neda Noavar – human rights activist Naser Johari – Political analyst Nahid Chavoshi – Activist of Women’s Movement Omid Sepanta – Activist, Fight for World without Borders (Afghanistan-Iran) Parvin Ashrafi – Activists of the left movement and women Parvin Riahi – Activist of Women’s Movement Pari Rastegar – Activist of Women’s Movement Parviz Mirmokri – Poet Pirouz Zoorchang – Political activist and former political prisoner Parvin Malek – Activist of Women’s Movemen Rasoul Shokati – Political activist and former political prisoner Rakhshandeh Bolouri – Political activist Reza Bishetab – Poet Ronak Shovani – Author and women rights activist Soraya Fatahi – Activist of Women’s Movemen Sarvi Derakhshan – Activist of Women’s Movemen Siavosh Abghari – University professor and political activist Sonia Shokri – Activate the campaign Susan Shahbazi – Activate the campaign Samira Bastani – Activist of Women’s Movemen Siamak Jahanbakhsh –  Political activist Sahar Naji – Activist of Women’s Movemen Siavosh Karsaz – human rights activist Said Behbahani –  Political and media activists Seyed Jamal Hosseini – Political refugee Sufi – F.  – women rights activist Sirous Bina – Professor of Economics and Political-Social Researcher Siamak Moayedzadeh – Labor activist Said Mohamadi –  Political activist Sepideh Hamraz – Political activist Shohreh Tehrani – Activist of Women’s Movemen Shahdokht Derakhshan –  Activate the campaign  Shiva Mahboubi – Speaker for the Committee on the Liberation of Political Prisoners Shahla Saidi –  Active in the field of women and children Sanam Tousi –  women rights activist Edigheh Mohamadi – women rights activist Sedigh Jahani – Labor activist Samad Shams –  Political activist Tofigh Mohamadi – Social activist and refugee and racist lawyer – Gutenberg Taghi Rouzbeh –  Political analyst Venous Derakhshan –  Activist of Women’s Movemen Zaman Masoudi – Activist of Women’s Movemen Zahra Shams – Former university professor, researcher

Signed by organizations:

Women’s Organization, March 8 (Iran), Afghanistan

 Fighting crowd for the release of women in Iran

 The Age of Anarchism

 Chega’s Labor Movement

The center of solidarity with the labor movement in Iran, Frankfurt

 Iranian Refugee Association – Gutenberg

 Committee for the Protection of Women

 Anarchist Union of Afghanistan and Iran

 Ismail Khoy Foundation

 Mother sponsors of Laleh Park of Iran – Dortmund

International Alliance for the Protection of Workers in Iran

Federation of europers

 Committee for the Defense of Iranian Political Prisoners in Denmark

Copenhagen Scout Center

Signed by sites and weblogs:  

Governmental, social and domestic violence campaign against women

Women’s organization March 8th

Fighting for World without Borders (Afghanistan-Iran)

Radio Payam Canada

Mihan TV


Ettelaat net

Etehad Kargari


Asr Anarshism

Reza Bishetab

Esmail Moloudi

Eshterak WordPress

Bazafarini Vagheiat ha

Alborz ma